lunes, 16 de marzo de 2015




ace: really good, exceptional.

anorak: very boring person, person who has no character.

ballistic: furious, extremely angry (as in "He'll go ballistic when he hears that")

bash, have a bash: (1) try to do something, (2) have a party.

bird: woman, female.

blab: talk, give away secrets

blag: talk in persuasive language (blag in, blag out). (Do not confuse with brag, to boast)

blown away by: very impressed by.

box, on the box: television, on TV.

brass: money.

brill: really good, brilliant.

broke (adjective): without any money.

bucks: dollars.

bum abound: go round doing nothing.

chav: aggressive cultureless teenager or young person, with no social aspirations, and probably jobless.

chick : girl

chill out: stop being excited, become calm. (c.f. cool it.)

Chinese, go for a Chinese: have a take-away Chinese meal.

chippie: fish and chip shop

cool it: don't get excited, be more calm, calm down.

cool: good, fashionable.

crack up: (1) disintegrate under pressure, (2) laugh uncontrollably.

crap (impolite): excrement, shit, something with no value.

crash (out): go to bed, go to sleep

cut it out: shut up, stop talking.

cut up (adjective): distressed, sad.

do over: burgle, steal from

dope: drugs.

doss: sleep

dough: money

dude: person, man

easy, I'm easy; I don't mind, I have no preference one way or the other.

fazed: worried, disconcerted (and

unfazed: cool, calm )

fag (noun): (GB) cigarette: (USA) homosexual, gay.

flak, take the flak: criticism, blame, take the blame

funny farm: hospital for mentally retarded people, asylum.

grand: thousand (pounds or dollars)

grass (noun): 1. cannabis. 2. An informer. (also supergrass).

grass (verb): to give information about someone (to the police or the authorities).

grub: food.

gutted: very annoyed, very angry with oneself

guy: man, boy, person

hair, keep your hair on: stay calm, don't get alarmed

halls: university student residences.

hand, lend a: help.

hang on: wait

hell of a (adjectival expression): enormous, giant, big.

high, he's on a high: elated, in a very good mood.

high: he's high: he's under the influence of drugs.

hole in the wall: cash distributor, cash machine

hump, he's got the hump.... : he's (very) angry with ...

iffy: dubious, of dubious quality

kip: sleep

knackered: tired, exhausted

knock someone up: (GB) wake someone up: (USA - impolite) have sex with someone.

knot, tie the knot: get married.

lad: brash young man who tries to be popular with other lads, see lager lout. (Traditionally, a lad is just a Scottish word meaning a boy or young man)

ladette: female version of lad

lager-lout: hooligan, young male who drinks too much cheap beer.

lass: girl, young lady (Traditional Scottish word)

mate: friend

mental: mad, stupid, idiotic.

miffed: disconcerted, taken aback

naf, naff: of poor quality, rubbish

neat: really good, appreciated.

nerd: person who is passionately interested in computers.

nick (noun): prison

nick (verb): take, steal

pad: the place you live in.

PIN number: personal identification number used at a hole in the wall.

piss off: go away, stop it

piss off, as in

You piss me off: You bore or annoy me.

pissed off: angry, fed up

pissed: drunk.

plastic: plastic bank card, Visa card etc.

Pond: the Atlantic Ocean

pop pills: take drugs

psyched up: tense, anxious

puke: vomit, be sick

quid: pound (sterling)

rat, to rat on someone: to give information about someone.

sack, hit the: go to bed.

sad: pathetic, poor, opposite of cool.

sarnie: sandwich.

score with... : have sex with...

screenager :  person who spends their time looking at their computer, iPad, mobile phone or TV - neologism based on the words screen and teenager, though applicable to all ages.

screw, have a screw loose: be mentally retarded.

screw: (a) extort money from a person, overcharge for something. (b) (impolite) have sex with a person.

screw it up: do something very badly, fail at something (e.g. an exam)

screwball: idiot.

shack up with: live with.

shattered: very tired, distressed

shoot down to: go quickly to...(e.g. shoot down to the station).

shoot up: inject a drug (such as heroin).

sickie, take a: be absent from work because you are (or are pretending to be) sick.

skive: avoid work, avoid going to work.

slag someone off: to say unpleasant things about someone to other people.

slag: a woman who sleeps around with different men.

sleep around: have sex with lots of different people.

sleep over: spend the night at someone else's house.

slog, a hard s.: something very difficult.

snog: kiss, embrace.

stoned: under the influence of cannabis.

strapped: short of money.

suss out: work out, find the solution

a swift one: a quick drink.

switch, hit the: turn on or turn off (TV, etc.)

takeaway: restaurant seeling take-away food.

throw up: vomit, be sick (puke).

twisted, he's twisted: he is a bit strange.

twit: idiot, stupid person.

unfazed: cool, calm

wank: masturbate

wanker: (impolite) stupid person, un-cool person

wheelie, do a: cycle with the front wheel in the air.

wheels: car, vehicle.

wicked: fantastic, really good.

wind up: to tease or try to deliberately aggravate someone

Yucky, yug, yuggy: disgusting, unpleasant