And there I was
As if it was not me, as if everything around me seems to happen and I had nothing to do with it, as if I were dead ... as my mother. My mother .... the person who made me laugh when people gave up trying... Or when nobody cared... Everything had the appearance of a dream: condolences, hugs ...
And, all of a sudden, I saw her. I saw her almond-shaped eyes and her hair in a braid. She blurted out sorne strands of hair from her braid, providing her a grubby air. But ...
What was she doing here? She. The class nerd. The teacher' s pet. Classmates usually taunt her and almost always manage to make her feel ridiculous.
Okay....What I really want to put into words is that, I reckon I had some­ thing to do with pulling her leg and trying to convince her she makes a fool ofherself. The abominable stinky repulsive glasses that she is used to wear­ ing, their quiet-conceited  attitude...
It is NOT my fault.
In  Second  High  School,  everyone behaves  in the  same way  with  her.  It
would be weird ifl did not, wouldn't it? D'you know what I mean?

But none of those who called themselves elose friends were there, not even the normal ones. But she was. 

And she was staring at me. 

Then, at that very moment, I felt an unexpected warmth through my body. She approached slowly while looking at me.

-So sorry, Tomas. 

In the end, for the first time since knowing about my mother' s death, I no­ ticed moisture on my face.

I was crying.
by Elena Espinosa

A sharp noise broke the silence. The alarm clock had gone off exactly at midnight. The already sleepy boy, jumped out of his bed and listened intently. He could hear his father snoring. The entire house was tranquil.
He put on his robe and sat at the table. With rapid movements, he spread out the cards, and lit the candle next to the empty glass. He then checked the old book borrowed from the library. All its instructions have been followed carefully. Now everything was ready for Ouija.
All of a sudden, he heard a horrifying noise. Where had it escaped from?. It took him only 5 seconds to discover the source: the glass was shaking!. A terrible thought crossed his mind. A wicked spirit was there in the room with him! His heart started to beat furiously as his blood pumped through his throbbing head. The following seconds seemed to go on forever. The noise had stopped. Slowly but surely, he calmed down. Nothing happened in the next interminable moments so he blew out the candle and went back to bed. Under the warm blankets, he peered fearfully into the blackness for hours. Eventually, he fell asleep: too many emotions for a night.
As soon as the first sunlight brightened the room, he woke up. He felt absolutely exhausted and all his muscles were both stiff and aching. With the light of the new day, the previous night's event seemed unreal and ridiculous. Everything had definitely been an awful nightmare.
Calmly, he looked over the room. The wax ofthe candle had poured on the table. The drops had formed random lines. Actually, they were  almost words. Gazing at the lines, the blood froze in his veins. A scream tried to exit his throat. There was no doubt. A word was clearly written: HI!
by Francisco Sacristán

Sheila was coming back home after spending ten hours at the hospital working as a nurse. She felt absolutely tired because it had been an awful day. She arrived home and after a light meal, she decided to go to bed even though it was still too early.  She fell asleep quickly.
She had left her parents' house to set up a new life in a delightful small flat. Sheila had been living there for just two months and obviously she did not know her neighbours. For that, she felt astonished when at 7 o'clock in the morning the doorbell rang.
She woke up asking herself." Who the hell calls at this hour"? She got up and her surprise was massive when through the peephole she saw that there was a man who was naked!! Who can this man be? Sheila wondered as she looked at the stranger standing at the front door.
Sheila went back to be but five minutes later, the doorbell  rang again. She did not know what to do if calling to the police or to ignore it. She decided to take another glance and then, she saw the man was trying to open the neighbour's door with a piece of carton .
In that moment, Sheila realized he was her neighbour and  immediately she opened the door and offered him a bathrobe. He was extremely embarrassed about the situation.
Eventually, he explained to her that he had confused the toilets door and the street one. The ashamed man gave her an apologize and then phoned a locksmith.
by Joanna Gonzalez


It was 1961, one ofthose summer days which 1recall with nostalgia, at that time 1 was about eight. 1 don't know whether the Fate had prepared that occurrence or not, but it happened. 1was playing with my favourite plane in my grandparent's garden (where 1 used to spent innumerable hours) when it dropped out of sight, without hesitation 1went on the trail of it to recover my toy. To my amazement the storage room (where my naughty plaything was hidden) was opened and 1 took the chance to explore the room. There were loads of antiques from battered furniture to crumbled books, after a while 1realized that the plane was between two boxes, one of them was slightly opened and 1 uncovered it. In the interior there was an ancient photograph, it was taken somewhere in the garden and there were three women sitting on a bench as well as a young man wearing a uniform reclined on a tree. It was that man who leaded my eagemess to fmd out more about him, 1had the gut feeling that he was staring at me. 1was sure my grandmother would know further information about the photograph. Consequently, 1 searched her and at the time 1 was giving her the photograph 1asked:
-       Granny, who are those in the photograph?
-       Don't you recognize me? Of course not, 1 am too young here... this was our first photograph, it was around 1919. Yes, that spring was unforgettable    since the war had finished.. . Mother wanted to immortalize my siblings and me...
-        So, the young manis your brother, isn't he? And I guess he was a
soldier in that war ...
-       How do you know he fight in the war? I've never talked you about him. Besides, he was dead when the photo was taken.
-       No, he is right here ...- At the instant I pointed the place where I saw
him a moment ago 1realized he wasn't there.
by Alba Gonzalez



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